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polished stainless steel pipe

The stainless steel pipe, also known as stainless steel tubing, has a wide range of uses. It's often utilized in nuclear fuel reprocessing, acid manufacture, and oil and gas pipes.

Electrolytic polishing

Electropolishing stainless steel items may restore their corrosion-resistant characteristics. Electrolytic polishing is a very effective method with several applications. It is also used to descale food containers and enhance component appearance. The components are electropolished in a temperature-controlled acid solution of a specifically mixed recipe.

The influence of a NaCl-based electrolyte on the electropolishing of 316l stainless steel pipe was explored in this research. The influence of anode current density was also studied.

Anode current density is related to the quantity of metal dissolved and is reliant on metal dissolution. It is critical to choose the proper anode current density value for the greatest polishing result. This value is also affected by the formulation of the electrolyte. The polishing effect will be restricted if the current density is too low. Similarly, if the current density is too high, the surface will get overheated, causing the mucosa to degrade.

At room temperature, NaCl-based electrolyte outperforms H2SO4-based electrolyte in electropolishing. This is due to the reduced surface roughness Sa of NaCl-based electrolytes compared to H2SO4-based electrolytes. This electrolyte is also environmentally beneficial since it includes Cl- anion rather than NO3- anion.

An optical microscope was used to examine the surface topography of electropolished surfaces. The surface topography of the samples contained a brown reaction product produced in the anode area. This reaction product obstructs the flow of fresh electrolyte to the anode surface.

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